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Formerly called The Torridge Inn, Gill and Alex took over the Black River Inn in June of 2018. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the hospitality and catering industry attaining awards for their food and service they decided it was time to do what they have done so well for others for themselves and under took a complete refurbishment of the traditional pub, to what you see today; a beautiful and tasteful mix of old and new complimenting each other. It is told that the village is supposedly named due to the fact the River Torridge runs through the village black on account of the stones in the river bed. Thus, the pub was renamed in June 2018 by the Alex and Gill to coincide with it’s village situation and links.


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The Black River Inn has always been a pub, or licensed premises. Situated in the centre of the village, the pub was originally called the Union Inn, and later in the 1960s to the Torridge Inn. The earliest records of a licensee date back to the 1820s. Though it has been discovered that four licensees were held by individuals in the village in the 1730s, though exact premises for which these licenses were held are not identified, the Tithe Apportionment map of 1843 does identify three premises of which the Black River Inn (then the Union Inn) is one. In the Victorian era the pub was referred to as Higher Pub and the other then pub as Lower Pub (this is now a house just two doors down from the Black River Inn). Over the many years of being an inn, the pub has seen the creation and hosted events for many groups and societies aimed at providing relief and help for the village and community as well as more recently, hobby and sport related groups.


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Black River Inn

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The Black River Inn

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