Lunch Menu

Sample Lunch Menu

Please speak to a member of staff if you have any specific dietary requirements

Small Plates:

(perfect as a starter or enjoy 2 or 3 as a lunch in itself)

-Home cured & smoked salmon dill, olive oil, homemade bread (GF avail, DF) - £7.00

-Roasted cauliflower, braised gem, raisin & caper dressing (VG, V, DF, GF) - £6.50

-Beef rump, parmentier potatoes, blue cheese sauce (GF) - £7.00

-Mussels, coconut, ginger, lime, chilli (GF avail, DF) - £6.50

-Lamb kofta, salad, tzatziki (GF) - £6.00

-Creamy garlic mushrooms, homemade chargrilled bread (GF avail) - £4.50

-Roasted artichoke hearts, white wine & garlic butter sauce (GF) - £5.00

-Mozzarella salad; fresh mozzarella, grilled chilli, olive oil, croute (V, GF avail) - £4.50

-Antipasto meat selection, char-grilled toast (GF avail, DF) - £6.50

-Salt & pepper fish goujons, tartar, straw fries (DF) - £6.50

-Black pudding, bacon, lardons, salad, poached egg, mustard & honey dressing (GF, DF) - £6.50

-Chicken liver parfait, tomato chutney, toast (GF avail) - £6.50

-Welsh rarebit, toast, runner bean chutney (GF avail) - £4.50

-Homemade Scotch egg, spiced tomato ketchup (DF) - £3.50

-Warm bread basket, salted olive oil dipping & homemade butter (GF & DF avail) - £3.00

* Chefs’ selection, 5 plates as chosen by the chef with a bread basket - £25.00
(Please advise of any dietary requirements if choosing this option)



(Served with homemade straw fries and salad (GF available) - £7.50


-Mature cheddar, homemade chutney, onion (Vegan cheddar available, V)

-Locally produced sausage, onion, brown sauce (DF avail)

-Bacon, lettuce, tomato (DF, avail)

-Warm mozzarella, homemade pesto & sundried tomato (V)

Something Bigger:

-Open steak sandwich, caramelised onion, crumbled blue cheese, straw fries, salad (GF avail) - £10.50

-Chicken Schnitzel club sandwich, Emmental, tomato, Sriracha mayo, spiced straw fries (GF avail) - £10.50

-Homemade beef burger, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, caramelised onion, fries, coleslaw, bacon (GF avail) - £12.50

-Homemade lentil & mushroom burger, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, cheddar - £12.50

(opt for vegan cheese VG, V, DF, GF avail)

-Vegan mezze; Lentil Dahl, butterbean & sundried tomatoes, spiced roasted squash homemade houmous, flatbread (VG, DF, V) - £10.50

-Beer battered fish & hand cut chips, tartar sauce (DF) - £10.50

-Mussels; coconut, ginger, lime, chilli, fries (DF, GF) - £12.50

-Westcountry Ploughmans; St Endellion brie, Extra mature cheddar, stilton, homemade bread cornichons, runner bean chutney, Black River pickled egg (GF avail) - £10.50

-Soup of the day, served with fresh bread (GF avail, V) - £4.50


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