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Table service is provided whilst inside. We ask that during busy periods to please be patient. We are a small team, and cook to order; nothing is ‘pinged’ as we don’t have a microwave. If you do have an issue, please let us know, we can’t solve any problems if you stay silent.


Thank you for your understanding


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Our small plates; ‘Westcountry tapas’

Our favourite way to eat… ‘pick and mix and share (or not)’. We suggest 5 different plates between 2 people, but you can always add more. A fun way to enjoy lots of flavours.

Choose a few to make up your meal. The plates come to you as and when they are ready, allowing for lots of different ‘courses’.

Our tapas dishes vary on a day-today-week-to-week basis, depending on what we can source at its best


Meat & Poultry

‘Shotgun’ chicken bites; crispy, salty fried chicken pieces,
our own ‘shotgun sauce’ (NB Shotgun sauce has a very
fiery kick, not advised if you do not like heat)

- (GF avail/DF) 7.00

Marinated pork rump; Chimichurri made with South
Devon chilli farm chillies

- (GF/DF) 7.00


Lamb kofta, flatbread, yoghurt, Guindilla peppers, hot

- (DF avail) 7.00


Crispy chicken wings; chilli infused honey sauce
- (GF avail/DF) 7.50


Crispy pig; our own 5-spice crispy ‘scratchings’
- (GF/DF) 4.00


Hand-pressed beef burger; cheese, salad
- (GF avail/DF) 7.50


BBQ pulled pork, fried corn tortillas

- (DF) 7.00


Our fish & seafood is sustainably sourced and/or landed at Appledore fish yard near Bideford and can vary in price and offering depending on daily catch


Calamari, fried crispy squid rings, garlic mayo, Szechuan

- (GF/DF) 7.00


BRI homemade salmon pastrami; sourdough, radish
- (DF/GF avail) 7.00


Fish finger sarnie, cape mayonnaise, rocket

- 6.50

Lobster mac ‘n’ cheese

- 7.00

Vegtables / Fruit / Cheese & Vegan

Fire-roasted tomatoes, ricotta, yoghurt, bread

- (GF avail/V) 5.50


Manchego, olives, bread (GF avail/V)
- 4.50


Ember-baked Camembert; toasted croutes
- (GF avail/V) 8.50


Homemade, seasoned fries (V/VG/DF)

- 3.50

Sweet potato fries (V/VG/GF/DF)
- 3.50


Grilled halloumi, red pepper dressing (V/GF)

- 5.00


Grilled chicory, slow roasted clementines (V/VG/GF/DF)

- 4.50


‘Shotgun’ cauliflower bites (see chicken bites for note)

(V/VG/DF/GF avail)

- 4.50


Fresh wild rocket & parmesan (V/GF/VG & DF avail)

- 3.50


Grilled baby gem, Tahini, lemon dressing (V/VG/GF/DF)

- 4.50


Fresh watermelon, pickled ginger, black bean (V/VG/GF/DF) - 3.50

Hot kimchi & cheese ‘toastie’; homemade Kimchi,
cheese in a grilled toasted sandwich

(V/VG & DF avail) - 4.50


Bowl of homemade Medium-spiced Kimchi

(V/VG/GF/DF) - 2.00

Fried tortilla, Baba Ganoush (V/VG/DF)

- 4.50

3-cheese & couscous baked Portobello (V/GF)

- 4.50

Young Diners

Fried chicken wings, fries

- 6.50/8.50


Young persons burger, fries

- 6.50/8.50


Pizza flatbread, fries

- 6.50/8/50

Carrot & cucumber stick, mayo & ketchup

- 2.50


We suggest a small portion for children aged up to 5 yrs old and large for children with larger appetites or aged 5-10 yrs.


Lemon posset, meringue, raspberries (V/GF)

- 6.50


Chocolate pot; (contains coconut/V/GF/DF VG avail

- 7.50


Homemade doughnut; stuffed with either strawberry jam,
lemon custard or apple & ginger puree, scoop of salted
caramel ice-cream (V)

- 5.50


Westcountry cheese board; celery, grapes, crackers,
chutney (V)

- 8.00


Scoop of homemade vanilla ice-cream (V/GF)

- 1 per scoop

Main Suppliers

Edwards Butchers, Brickyard Farm shop Hatherleigh


Devon & Cornwall Fish Company, Appledore


Hallwood Farm, Petrockstowe


Moor Coffee, Black Torrington


Madewell Farm Shop, Hatherleigh


Hunter’s Brewery, Newton Abbot


RD Johns, Newton Abbot


Taw Valley Creamery, North Tawton


Hawkridge Farm, Coldridge


Sovereign Wines, Tavistock


Firebrand Brewery, Launceston


Forest Fungi, Dawlish


St Austell Brewery, Cornwall

Hanlons Brewery, Newton st Cyres


Exmoor Ales, Exmoor


Gotland Gin, Highampton


Atlantic Spirit, Northam

We cook on our open fire wood hearth (designed and built during the pandemic) and since then have tailored our menu to our solid wood fired style of cooking. We even went as far as cutting the gas line so no going back. Hugely better than burning fossil fuels, we source all our wood locally and are kiln dried.

Our menu offers up small snacks to enjoy with a drink, to stave off hunger, or to be enjoyed with others, trying new things. The small plates or British tapas, allow for us to showcase a huge variety of food grown and sourced locally and the menu is very much seasonal; ensuring the produce is at its best. 95% of our items are prepared here on site, using local produce and even some from our own garden!

We also do Sunday lunch, with the meats cooked on our open fire for a proper, flavoursome roast. The vegetables are all local and seasonal and some even come from our own garden! Group dining, events and outside catering be it tapas style or something more hearty can be arranged. Please enquire for further details.


Contact The Black River Inn


If you're enquiry is for a table within the next 48 hours please call us as we run on a small team, who at busy times cannot always get to emails. Thank you.

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